Bagel Factory

 While the bagel is extremely useful as a flying saucer or as a dignified cat collar it turns out they are even more delicious with nova lox for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bagels make people smile, and we’re not sure we can think of another bread that has this honor or has more jokes about it, many not appropriate for print or polite company. With over 15 years of being voted Best Bagels in the City, the Bagel Factory with 2 locations, is THE place to go for Bagels.  From the moment you step inside, you know it’s going to be good. The aromas of fresh baked bread, bagels and open griddle overwhelm your senses and your mouth starts to water.  You are then drawn to the glass case containing fresh grilled vegetables, whitefish salad, Israeli salad and more. The only problem you’ll have is...trying decided what to order. Daily specials abound and so do the classics. Try the Best Nova Lox sandwich in the city or try the Best French Toast for Breakfast. Heck, what happened to Breakfast for dinner (that’s pronounced, Brinner)...Have breakfast anytime at The Bagel Factory.   Don’t forget they are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Hot sandwiches and such) and carry a full menu of freshly made deli and bakery goods. Family owned and operated for 20 years, stop in a treat yourself to the best. (Craig Street location coming soon!)

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