About Us

Introducing Kostizi

Kostizi is a Salt Lake City technology company that is committed to helping local merchants. We have developed a set of powerful internet-based tools that enable merchants to create and control their own customer marketing and loyalty programs.

We partner with media companies to provide our online "stores" where consumers can purchase merchants� promotional offers, buy tickets to local events and download pay-at-merchant coupons. Currently, we have media partnerships in eleven states.

The Kostizi Card

We enable consumers to put all their purchases, stored merchant balances, coupons and even tickets onto one card. Participating merchants simply scan, swipe or enter the customer�s Kostizi card number via a web browser to redeem and track each transaction. The Kostizi card eliminates the need to print out and redeem paper vouchers.

The Power of the Kostizi Card:
It Works For Both Consumers and Merchants

The Kostizi card is the perfect convenience for consumers and it's also a powerful marketing tool for merchants. With the Kostizi card, consumers get convenience, security and great savings. Merchants get a redemption system that reduces fraud and which allows them to control, track and redeem their own consumer offers. And, the same Kostizi card can also be used by merchants for their own gift card solution or for a rewards program.